Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to know before my first appointment?
  • All new clients booking services at their home or other private location must email or text a copy or photo of their government issued photo identification along with a recent self photo to confirm identity at least 48 hours before their scheduled appointment.

  • All new clients must complete a health questionnaire prior to receiving any treatments. This is to ensure your safety.  To save time,  this can be emailed to you to print and fill out and then scan and send it back prior to our appointment. If you are receiving any treatment other then Aromatherapy Massage, you may also choose to fill the out at the time of your appointment. But please review the contraindications listed on the web page of your desired treatments to ensure that they are indeed safe for you.

  • All Aromatherapy clients MUST print out, complete, scan & email back, a health questionnaire to Jennifer at least 48 hours prior their scheduled appointment. A blend unique to your specific health condition and desired outcome will be created and brought to your appointment.

  • Please become a member of my website. This will allow you to quickly and easily book appointments and purchase gift certificates. You can also easily keep track of upcoming appointments that you have booked.

  • All prices listed are for locations within the City of Kelowna, British Columbia only!

  • Services to surrounding area may be available depending upon Jennifer's availability. Travel & mileage fees will be applicable. Please see section below "How much are Travel Fees". Please contact Jennifer to inquire and to schedule an appointment.

  • All locations must be easily accessible by 2 wheel drive car.

  • Parking must be available within a short walking distance as Jennifer has large item to transport. Any parking fees will be paid for by the client.

What will my first session be like?

On the day of your appointment, Jennifer will arrive at your home at the time which you have scheduled. Depending upon the session that you have booked she will take anywhere from 10 - 30 minutes to set up her equipment. While she is setting up, you will be asked to fill out a Client Health Questionnaire, if you haven't printed it out filled it out previously. She will quickly review this form and discuss your expectations & desired outcome for the treatment. Jennifer will bring soothing relaxation music to play. You can request no music, or another music selection if you do not like what your are hearing. If possible dim lighting is preferred to enhance relaxation. If you do not have an indirect light source like a lamp, Jennifer can supply one on request.


All Styles of Massage:

  • Jennifer will instruct you upon how she wants you positioned on the massage table and then leave the room for you to undress.  You will then undress, you can keep your panties/shorts on if you are more comfortable that way. During Lomi Lomi massage, it is preferable to be nude, or wearing panties that can get covered in oil, due to its long flowing massage strokes up the entire side of the body from ankle to shoulder in one stroke. You will then climb onto the massage table and lay face down with your face in the face cradle. You will cover up with either a sheet or  an extra large towel (depending upon the style of massage). Jennifer will wait outside of the room until you are ready, and instruct her to enter once again. Unless you request assistance to undress & get positioned on the massage table, in which case she will stay to help.

  • You will then receive your treatment. Generally most treatments start on the back of the body and then on the front. If you are having 2 treatments at your appointment, Jennifer will ask if you need a quick washroom break after the first treatment is complete. Once you are ready, your second treatment will begin. After your treatments are completed Jennifer will leave the room so that you can dress. (Or help you get dressed if needed)

Reiki / Crystal Reiki / Chakra Balancing:

  • Jennifer will ask you to lay down, fully dressed, on the massage table face up. She will then cover you with a light blanket. For Crystal Reiki & Chakra Balancing she will then place stones & crystals on and around your body.

  • She will perform the Reiki treatment and then discuss your experience with you if you are open to discussing it. 


  • You will remain dressed and only need to remove shoes & socks and roll pant leg up above the ankle.

  • Jennifer will ask you either lay down, comfortably on your back on a massage table or sit in a zero gravity (you specify prior to your appointment). You will have your head on a pillow, and you be offered a bolster for under your knees if required. You will also be covered in a light blanket if desired.

  • Both feet will be cleaned with an cotton pad soaked in witch hazel. Jennifer will then check both feet for any wounds or illness (warts, ingrown toenails, etc.) The foot that will be worked on second will then be wrapped in a towel to keep it warm, unless you wish otherwise.

  • Jennifer will perform the reflexology treatment on one foot and then the other. She will ask that you inform her of any sore or tender areas that she might encounter throughout the session. These sore areas generally correlate to weaknesses within the body. 

Thai Foot Massage

  • You will remain dressed, and only need to remove any shoes or socks and roll your pants up just past your knees.

  • Jennifer will ask you to and lay down comfortably on your back on a massage table. You will have your head on a pillow & be covered in a light blanket if desired.

  • Both feet will be cleaned with a cotton pad soaked in witch hazel. Jennifer will then check both feet for wounds or illness (warts, ingrown toenails, etc) The foot that will be worked on second will be wrapped in a towel to keep it warm, unless you wish otherwise.

  • Jennifer will perform the Thai Foot Massage treatment on one foot and then the other. She will ask that you inform her of any sore or tender areas that she might encounter throughout the session. These sore areas generally correlate to weaknesses within the body. 

Table Shiatsu

  • You will remain dressed, only need to remove your shoes. Comfortable, not restrictive clothing should be worn. 

  • Jennifer will ask you to lay face down on the massage table and you will be covered in a light blanket, unless you desire otherwise. 

  • Jennifer will perform the Table Shiatsu treatment on your back and then you will roll over and she will continue on the front side of your body.

Chair Massage

  • You will remain fully dressed.

  • Jennifer will ask you to sit in a specially designed massage chair, as she performs your massage treatment. Generally the back, neck, shoulders, arms, hands and also the scalp if you wish, will be the areas of focus.

Foot Massage

  • You will remain fully dressed with only your shoes & socks to be removed. 

  • You will be asked to sit in a very comfortable zero gravity recliner chair.

  • Jennifer will quickly clean and inspect both feet. 

  • Jennifer will massage one foot and then the other.



After your treatment is completed, Jennifer will discuss your experience with you. She will then pack up her equipment & process your final payment, via E-transfer, or Interac (Debit, Visa or MasterCard) or Cash. For safety purposes Jennifer does not carry cash, please have correct change available if paying by cash.

Please expect Jennifer to be at your location for up to 45 minutes longer then the length of your treatment(s) to allow for set up, take down and processing of your final payment.

How much space is required?

A private, preferably quiet, space such as a large bedroom, den, living room or bonus room is suggested for in home treatments. 

  • Weather permitting, a covered outdoor location such as a gazebo or a deck is also a popular choice.


  • Every treatment besides Chair massage and occasionally Reflexology is performed on a massage table.


  • The minimum space required for the massage table and the therapist to work around all sides of it is: 6' X 10'

  • The minimum space required for Chair Massage is  5' X 6'


Reflexology treatments can either be performed on a massage table or in a zero gravity recliner

The minimum space required is:

  • Zero Gravity Chair:  3' X 9'

Do you help treat specific illnesses or diseases?

As a Natural Health Practitioner, I do not claim to treat, diagnose or cure any specific illness or disease. My services are not intended to be a substitute for medical care, but rather compliment it, in most cases. My job is to bring your body into a state of relaxation, thereby initiating the bodies relaxation response. The relaxation response, is a state of deep rest that is the opposite of the stress response. The relaxation response, halts stress and allows your body to return to a state of balance. When your relaxation response has been initiated, you will experience:

  • relief of muscle tension

  • relief of aches & pains

  • breathing slows & deepens

  • blood pressure stabilizes

  • heart rate slows

  • improved immune system

  • improved sleep

  • improved concentration & focus

  • increased overall energy 

  • improved mood

What is a Natural Health Practitioner?

A natural health practitioner,  improves their patients' health using natural medicines and techniques.

When is it NOT SAFE to receive a treatment?

  • Be sure to read through the information page for the service that you are interested in booking. If you have any health conditions, it may be unsafe for you to receive certain treatments. If you are unsure, please ask your doctor. Certain health conditions will require a doctors note, to indicate that it is safe to proceed with your desired treatment. All Contraindications for all services can  also be found ​HERE

  • Please be sure to complete the new client health questionnaire completely and honestly to ensure the safety of yourself and the therapist.

How much are Travel Fees?

There are no additional Travel Fees for locations that are WITHIN Kelowna City Limits. Travel Fees will  however be charged ROUND TRIP on services requested at any location outside of Kelowna City Limits. There is a map of the city limits Here

TRAVEL FEE: $1.16 + gst per km 

Example: If your location is 10 km from the kelowna city limits, the travel fee is calculated as follows:  

Travel fee equals your kms from city limits x 2 (round trip)

I work it out like this= 11.60 + 11.60 = $23.20 + $1..16 gst = $24.36

The total Travel fee is: $24.36


  *Travel fees are subject to change* 

To determine how much your travel fees will be go to the correct Google Maps selection below, click on Directions and then type in your address as the starting point. This will tell you how many kms it is to your home from city limits. Multiply it by 2 to find your round trip kms.:

West Kelowna locations Go to Google Maps Here

Lake Country locations Go to Goolge Maps Here

Black Mountain/Joe Rich locations Go to Google Maps Here   Please contact Jennifer prior to booking for Joe Rich Locations. Much of this area is not serviced. 

I have Pets, is that okay?

Of course! I love our furry family members too. All we ask is that the massage take place in a separate room from your four legged friends to alleviate any tripping hazards.

Can I book a massage for my child?

Yes you can. Everyone can benefit from a massage, bodywork & energy therapy treatment. I just ask that a parent or guardian be present during the massage for anyone under the age of consent. There are also family combo packages available so that the whole family can enjoy a treatment. 

Can my child be at home when I receive my treatment?

Yes! Of course your child(ren) are welcome to be at home when you receive your treatment. They can even receive a treatment as well if you wish. Family combos are designed for this. You may wish to have a sitter at your home to care for the children, depending on their age. It is really up to you. The main concern is for the children's safely, and you will also want to be able to receive your treatment without interruptions. If you really need to attend your children for some reason during your treatment that is fine, but your time with me will not be extended due to interruptions. It would be best if all children stay out of the area where your treatment  will be taking place due to safety hazards. This is particularly important in the case of Hot Stone Massage as children can easily be burned by my equipment. 

What forms of payment are accepted?

Payment for Services


A deposit of 50% of the service price is required at the time of booking. The remainder is due at the time of service.

 For those booking over the phone the deposit is payable by:


Final payment at the time of service is accepted via:

  • E-transfer

  • Cash

Payment for Gift Certificates

Online payment for Gift Certificates is accepted via:

  • PayPal  (debit is accepted if you have added a bank account to your PayPal account)

Gift Certificates purchased over the phone are payable by:

  • E-transfer

  • PayPal 

What are your Cancellation Policies?

In order to receive a refund on your deposit you must cancel within the following timelines prior to your appointment time:

  • 24 hours for Individual Appointments

  • 48 hours for Corporate/Workplace Bookings

  • 1 week for Event Bookings

Cancelling your appointment or event with less then the above mentioned will forfeit your deposit.

Covid-19 Protocol

Strict protocols to ensure the safety of the client(s) and the practitioner including:

  • All equipment and surfaces will be sanitized before each client.

  • Hand washing before and after each client.

  • If you or the therapist have ANY symptoms of illness including: fever, sore throat, cough, runny/stuffy nose, vomiting/nausea,  your appointment must be cancelled or rescheduled.

Please visit the COVID-19 Safety Policies Page for more detailed information.