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Event Massage
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Jennifer can help you add professional Chair Massage, Foot Massage or Swedish massage services to any event.


Massage for events, is usually offered on a  first come first served basis, and does not usually involve the recipients to sign up in advance, making it perfect for:

  • Trade shows

  • Conferences

  • Baby Showers

  • Birthday Parties

  • Bridal Shower

  • Weddings (pre-wedding massage for bridal party or reception for the guests)

  • Pool parties

  • Spa parties

  • Sports events

  • Community functions

  • Open houses

  • Reunions

  • The list goes on and on...

Each recipient will receive a chair or foot massage treatment that is 5 - 20 minutes in duration. The duration will depend on the number of people at the event and how many hours you would like to have massage at your event. The most popular duration for events is 10 minutes per massage. The maximum number of massages per hour at an event would be:

  • 10 five minute massages

  • 5 ten minute massages

  • 3 fifteen minute massages

  • 2 twenty minute massages.


There will always be at least 2 minutes between massages for:

  • sanitizing my hands & the equipment

  • each person who will receive a massage must sign a short waiver form, stating that they do not have any health conditions that would make it unsafe for them to  receive massage. Safety first!

If the event is outdoors a shaded area is required. A 10' x 10' camping canopy works great for this purpose. Jennifer can supply one, but will need help to set it up as it is a 2 person job.

Chair massage

Performed with the recipient sitting comfortable in a specially designed massage chair. The back, neck, shoulders, arms and hands & scalp will be massaged for 5 - 20 minutes using a combination of Swedish Massage and Shiatsu techniques.

Chair Massage space requirements:

  • an area of the room that is out of the way of heavy traffic

  • a minimum of '5 x 6' of space is required, as Jennifer will need to move around the massage chair freely to perform the massage treatments. 

Foot massage

Performed with the recipient sitting comfortable in a zero gravity recliner chair. The feet will be quickly cleaned with a cotton pad soaked in antiseptic and inspected for any injuries or illness (cuts, ingrown toenails, warts etc.The feet are then massaged, with the either peppermint or unscented massage lotion for 5 - 20 minutes.

Foot Massage space requirements:

  • an area of the room that is out of the way of heavy traffic

  • a minimum of '3 x 9' of space is required,

Swedish Massage


Performed with the recipient laying comfortably on a massage table. Available in 30 minute mini treatments that focus on the back, neck & shoulders.

This type of massage is a bit trickier to do at events because the recipient needs to be at least partially undressed and covered in a sheet or large towel. A private area such as a separate room or a walled gazebo will be required for the recipients privacy.  

  • Swedish Event massage works well at pool parties, where guests are already in swimwear, which is pretty easy to work around. 

  • This length of Swedish massage is perfect for Spa Themed birthday parties for older kids & teens who would enjoy a 30 minute massage rather than a 15 minute massage which comes in the Kids Spa Party Massage package.

A minimum 3 hour booking is required for this service.  Please Contact Jennifer to inquire about custom massage events. 


Kids Spa Party Massage

Kids LOVE spa parties! Jennifer offers packages for each child to receive a mini 15 minute Swedish Massage at their Spa themed birthday party. A minimum 3 hour booking is required. A 3 hour package includes 10 - mini 15 minute massages. For more info about kids spa party massage please visit my Spa Party Massage page. 



On the day of your event:




  • Jennifer will arrive 30 minutes prior to the designated start time to set up her equipment to ensure that the first massage will start on time.

  • 15 - 30 minutes are required after the final massage has been completed, to pack all equipment away and process your final payment. Your event will be scheduled for an additional 60 minutes to allow time for all of this and to ensure that she does not get double booked. For example: Jennifer will automatically schedule your 6 hour event for 7 hours to account for this. You will only be charged for the 6 hours of event time. Please be prepared for Jennifer to be at your location for 7 hours.

  • Jennifer can provide spa/relaxation music on request. 

Events requires a 50% deposit at the time of booking. This is payable by E-transfer, PayPal or via Credit Card by phone. The remainder is due on the day of the event. This deposit is refundable

*** All prices listed are for locations within the City of Kelowna only. Service to West Kelowna & Lake Country locations may also be available for an extra fee. Please contact Jennifer to inquire.

If Online Booking is not available for the dates & hours of your event, because they are outside of regular business hours, please contact Jennifer at (250)718-7565 or to inquire. Jennifer does not have set business hours for events so please inquire as she may have availability for the hours that you are requesting, and will do her best to accommodate you.


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