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Privacy Policy

My clients privacy is at the utmost importance in my business. I do not give any of our clients details to any third parties. Unless in the case of an emergency, where medical information and names will be given to the correct authorities. By making an appointment you accept the policies, statements and procedures. You acknowledge that your personal information will be handled in accordance with it.

  • All personal information held by Refresh Bodywork is treated as private and confidential.  It is used solely by Refresh Bodywork and will not be disclosed to other parties.

  • Refresh Bodywork respects your privacy and your information will never be shared with anyone unless requested in writing with proof of Identification, by the account holder.

  • Your information provided will only be used to process your order and fulfill any membership or newsletter subscriptions that you have signed up for.

  • Those who receive wellness services from Refresh Bodywork will be required to complete a health intake form to insure the safety of any treatments you will receive. This form will be kept on file for future treatments and will be updated annually or whenever your health conditions change.

  • If you prefer to discontinue to receiving messages for me, please either send me an email or reply to the most recent email from me, with the type the word Remove in the subject line.

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