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Chakra Balancing


Chakra Balancing is based on the seven major Chakras. These major Chakras are located at specific points between the base of the spine and the top of the skull. Each Chakra is believed to relate to particular organs of the body, ailments, colors, elements, and emotions.

Imbalances in the Chakras are known as energy blocks. When one or more or the Chakras are blocked and the energy does not flow harmoniously through them, or it is wide open, it will result in an imbalance that is manifested in all areas of life. Chakra Balancing is intended to correct these energy blockages, thereby restoring the proper energy flow and balance to the body, often leading to a profound state of well-being.

During a Chakra Balancing session, the client relaxes, fully clothed, while lying on a generously padded massage table and is covered in a blanket if desired. The session consists of a combination of Reiki, Crystal therapy, Color Visualization, and Pendulum assessment. The session begins with a pendulum assessment of the Chakras. The pendulum is used to measure the amount of energy flowing through each Chakra. By holding the pendulum over the energy vortex of each Chakra, the practitioner can determine possible problem areas within the body. The appropriate crystals and stones are then laid on and around the body. Next, the practitioner channels Reiki energy to each of the Chakras asking you to visualize certain colors at each Chakra. Another pendulum assessment is then completed to see if any of the Chakras are still out of balance. The combination of these four healing tools will restore the proper energy flow and balance to the body allowing it to heal itself.

Chakra Balancing promotes health and well-being by equalizing the free flow of life force energy (also known as chi, ki or qi) throughout the body. It is believed that blockages in the flow of this vital energy will eventually result in mental, emotional, and/or physical illness. By removing such blockages and maximizing energy flow, practitioners are said to enable body, mind, and spirit to function optimally.

The Benefits of Chakra Balancing Include:

  • Boosts your immune system

  • Relieves Stress

  • Promotes Deep Relaxation

  • Improves Sleep

  • Returns the systems of the body to a state of balance.

  • Raises your vibratory frequency 

  • Strengthens your aura

  • Initiates emotional healing

  • Enhances your creativity

  • Increases Spiritual awareness & development

  • Promotes optimism

  • Manifests joy in your life

  • Clears away any blockages that may be causing physical illness.

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Contraindications for Chakra Balancing are due to the Reiki component of the session and are as follows :

  • Those with a pacemaker

  • Those with broken bones that have not yet been set in place.

  • Diabetics, and those with who have health conditions controlled by medication will need to closely monitor their medication requirements

  • Those with hearing aids should remove or lower the volume on these devices prior to receiving Reiki, as they may experience interference which may be unpleasant.


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