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Corporate Onsite Chair Massage

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Invigorate and motivate your employees with massage at your workplace!

Receive professional, experienced massage from Jennifer, a fully trained massage practitioner. She is insured and fully certified to provide in-chair stress-relieving massage. Her services are 60% of the cost of a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT), making it a more affordable choice for relaxation massage.

Everyday more and more companies are joining the corporate wellness movement by bringing chair massage into the workplace. Research shows that chair massage can improve concentration, motivation, and efficiency. From small offices to multi-national corporations – your employees will enjoy the convenience and accessibility of onsite massage for regular, occasional or one time visits. Massages are available in 10, 15, 20 or 30 minute durations. All massages at the event will be of the same duration, unless a person signs up for 2 time-slots in a row, in which case that person would receive a massage that is twice as long. 

Massage in the workplace has been shown to increase employee productivity, improve creativity & mental alertness, and boost energy levels. Employees who are more relaxed, tend to perform better and are able to solve problems faster. Employees who receive a massage will get re-energized, reduce stress & anxiety, help lower the risk of headaches and other injuries, and feel appreciated!  No messy oil or lotion is used, and everyone stays fully clothed.

The massages can be paid for: by the employer, by the employee, or shared between the two. A popular choice is for the employer to cover the deposit fee and the employees to pay the remainder - a 50/50 split.

Payment is due at the time of service and is accepted via:

  • Etransfer

  • Cheque

  • Cash

Please Note: Jennifer is NOT an RMT and her services are not covered by extended health insurance plans unless the benefit package includes "Individual discretionary funds", funds that the employee can use for complimentary wellness services such as relaxation massage, nutrition counselling, or health club fees. 

​​​​How does it work? ​​​​

  1. Designate someone to be in charge organizing the event. This person will get the word out about the upcoming event and determine how many people are interested in receiving a massage.

  2. Contact Jennifer to schedule a date and time for your corporate chair massage event. 

  3.  Two weeks prior to your event, Jennifer will send you an important email containing 2 links: one to a Chair Massage Release & Consent Form, and the other to your groups unique sign up page. The sign up page will make it very simple for your staff to select and sign up for their preferred time slot. 

  4. On the day of your event, Jennifer will show up at your location 30 minutes prior to the time of the first scheduled massage. She will set up her specially designed massage chair in an appropriate room of your choosing. A minimum of 5' x 6' of space is required. A quite office space with dimmable or diffused lighting is preferred.

  5. Payment is due in full at the time of service. Jennifer can process your payment: as one lump sum that is paid for by the employer, each employee can pay separately, or it may be split between employer & employee. Payment are preferred via E- transfer, but Business Cheques and Cash are also accepted. (correct change only please).

  6. Jennifer will perform the massages according to the time slots that the employees signed up for. All employees must do their best to be at the designated massage area a minute or 2 prior to their their allotted time to ensure that Jennifer can stay on schedule. 

  7. There will be a 5 minute break between each massage for sanitation, and in order to process payment (if applicable).



Please note: There is a 3 hour minimum booking requirement on weekends and after regular business hours.

All Corporate Chair Massage Events are scheduled for 45 minutes extra time; 30 minutes for set up and 15 minutes for take down and final payment processing. You will not be charged for this extra time. Please be prepared for Jennifer to be at your location for this extra required time on the day of your event.​​​​

Please note: It is not possible for the massage practitioner to cover all possible contraindicated conditions with each client. If the client is aware of any conditions they may have that might contraindicate a massage, it is the client's responsibility to bring these to the attention of the massage practitioner before the session is conducted.

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