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Gift Certificate for one 60 minute Distance Reiki session for one person.


Distance Reiki treatments are done with the practitioner & the recipient in 2 different locations. Distance does not alter or lessen the effects of Reiki and can be sent to anyone, anywhere in the world as long as permission has been given by the recipient.


Reiki is safe, gentle, non-invasive form of alternative medicine called energy healing.  During a Distance Reiki session, the Reiki Practitioner channels universal life force energy to the patient, through the use of specific Reiki symbols & visualization. It promotes healing on all levels; physical, emotional, mental & spiritual. It can boost energy, reduce pain, relieves stress, anxiety & depression, produce deep relaxation and a general feeling of well being. 


​Reiki is used to bring one back into a state of harmony and balance and can be a very sacred experience with wonderful results.


Each distance session lasts 60 minutes. A time & date will be agreed upon that works for both the Practitioner & the Recipient. It should be a time when the Recipient will have 60 minutes of time to relax, uninterrupted if possible. The Recipient will be required to send a photo, along with their name and location via email or text message. They will also  specify what physical or mental issues they are wanting to work on during the session. Detailed instructions will be provided in regards to exactly what you need to do to before & during your session.


At the designated session time the recipient should be in a comfortable position, either sitting or laying down. I suggest that soft music be played during the session to enhance your relaxation. I will send you a music file with specially selected music that you can play during your session to enhance your experience. You may also choose to your own music.


The first 5 minutes are for winding down and getting into a relaxed state. I will then channel Reiki energy to each of your main chakra centers, along with any problem areas that you indicated prior to the session. Once the session is complete, you are welcome to contact me with any questions or concerns. 


Distance Reiki 60 Minutes Session

Gift Certificate Style
    • Gift Gertificates are Non-refundable and are Not Redeemable for Cash.
    • Gift Certificates do not expire.
    • Gift Certificates may be transfered to someone else to use if the recipient is unable to use it.
    • Any balance remaining may be saved on account to be used at at a future appointment.
    • You must mention the gift certificate number, when scheduling the apppointment to redeem it.
    • Gift Certificate must be presented at the time of service.
    • GST will be added at checkout.

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